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Spear Barracuda


 Spearing Barracuda in the Bahamas can be one of the most exciting but also dangerous things you can do. The objective is to kill first shot because, if you dont there may well be a penalty to pay. You cannot say “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!” underwater!

If you miss he may well turn round and give you a nasty bite, which is quite frankly what you deserve too.

If you hit him properly, in the head or neck, then he will be stunned and you will see the famous shiver. You can finish him off with a second spear. Never grab a speared barracuda by the tail because he can bend round and bite you.

Their teeth are razor-sharp, their jaws as long as a dogs and your hand can be gone in a flash! So this is a sport to be enjoyed by experienced spear-fishermen only.

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